What’s Next?

Aside from our travelling course, we offer other options for POCUS learning. These options are designed to provide further educational opportunities for rural physicians – either they are rurally specific, or they do not require you to travel from home. Check our Finishing School option, which connect you with HOUSE instructors for follow-up learning from home. We also have a library of online resources, including our How-To Videos, and links to further online resources. We also recommend the BC PoCUS website, where you can find a curated list of quick refresher videos – in case it’s been a while since you last did a gallbladder scan. And lastly, find more information about ultrasound fellowship opportunities for rural physicians.


The HOUSE ListServ allows members to connect with each other about PoCUS findings, new technology in PoCUS and to connect with nearby peers.

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The HOUSE ListServ is a digital community for rural POCUS users across BC, created by the Hands-On-Ultrasound Education Program (HOUSE). This email list connects HOUSE instructors and POCUS practitionersas a way to problem solve, get your questions answered, and share interesting POCUS cases.

If you would like to subscribe to the ListServ, you can email us at cpd.house@ubc.ca or subscribe manually by selecting HOUSE-GROUP (unlisted).

You can choose between Regular or Digest, where ‘Regular’ will deliver postings as they come in real time and ‘Digest’ will compile all postings and deliver them to you at a regular pre-determined interval.

Finishing School

HOUSE follow-up with an instructor in your community

Our Finishing School option sends a HOUSE instructor back to your community, a month or two after the travelling course. The in-person session would involve an informal education session in your community with a HOUSE instructor, for one or two learners at a time, and could include almost anything – from troubleshooting to supervised scanning.

We are also piloting a virtual option, which could involve a small number of learners connecting with an instructor virtually. The instructor can see your ultrasound screen, watch you scanning, and give real time feedback.

Course Resources

Visit our resources page for additional material, including How To Guides and Videos, to help incorporate POCUS into your practice.

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External PoCUS Fellowship Opportunities for Rural Physicians

St. Paul’s PoCUS Fellowship

Physicians or residents from any discipline with strong interest in POCUS for a minimum of 1­‐2 weeks, to a maximum 6 months.

For more information, click here.

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